Advice and training on rebalancing and re-schooling horses and riders is available to all. However before we are able to treat an animal with massage or manipulation the consent of your vet is required in order to comply with the Veterinary Act 1966.

Equestrian Physiotherapy - Veterinary Referrals

Veterinary Referrals

We receive referrals from vets for horses requiring rehabilitation following veterinary intervention.

Conditions include

  • Kissing spine (Dorsal Spinous Process Impingement)
  • Suspensory ligament desmitis,
  • Tendon or ligament injury,
  • Hock spavins,
  • Sacro iliac joint problems,
  • Cervical spine arthritis,
  • Neurological problems
  • General poor performance
  • Schooling issues
  • Behavioural problems.

We are also able to accommodate horses for their recuperation (box rest) and, where indicated, controlled exercise period.

Equestrian Physiotherapy - Veterinary ReferralsMany insurance policies have a provision for complimentary therapy which can be used for these services.

Treatment can be provided where your horse is stabled or at our purpose built yard on either an out-patient or residential basis.