Tracey Large & Addy

Having worked at an international event yard, where the rider was in WOW saddles, I quickly fell in love with the saddle and the changes it made to all the horses at the yard, I had tried it on my slightly down hill mare, who’s weakness phase is her dressage but she makes up for it with her jumping. Using the wow saddle allowed her to lift up her shoulder and move more forward and freely, it was like sitting on a different horse. Therefore I promised my horse that as soon as I saved up she would have one. Seeing such quick improvements and changes I also got the jumping flaps, as a conventional saddler told me her jump saddle no longer fitted and I shouldn’t use it to jump in.

Tracey Large & AddyI was recommended to use Martyn by David @ WOW – first impressions were great, really helpful, came out to see my horse really quickly and we instantly saw a change in her forwardness and looseness. Once my new saddle arrived he was most helpful to sort it all out, and make sure I had it in time for my competition. On then receiving my jump flaps as well I had a quick lesson with Martyn and the results were awesome, I found a stride every time and my horse was making a wonderful shape, with the combination of saddle and training and therapy I can feel such a difference in so little time, we have gained some great foundations to work and build on.
Not only has Martyn been so helpful, but he introduced me to his wife Cath who has also contributed to the effort of making my horse feel fantastic. Addy my chestnut mare, although being an absolute star jumper (with her long hind legs) she does have some chestnut tendencies such as getting a little tense and tight when working, especially on the flat as she tries so hard to please, but almost gets too tight and blocks this with the combination of a nasty rotational fall she had at the end of last season was starting to show as her fitness increased again. Cath spent along time accessing and treating her and getting some great results. The following weekend, my horse was relaxing, free moving and flying over the fences.

I will continue to use both Cath and Martyn for my saddle, training and therapy. I have nothing but good praise for the both of them, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to fellow riders.