Equestrian Physiotherapy

Equestrian Physiotherapy

Equestrian Physiotherapy

Muscular problems

The horse is an athlete; some are more naturally gifted than others.

But the common denominator between them all, is that the musculoskeletal system, kilo for kilo, is their largest bodily component; over 60%!

When you buy a horse, you’re buying motion. When a million pound horse no longer moves like one, he isn’t one! And this is the system mainly responsible for motion.

Yet it is mostly overlooked because it does not reveal itself in radiographic and other testing mediums.

The Four Causes of Excessive Strain are:

  1. Speed of Contraction
  2. Strength of Contraction
  3. Isometric Contraction
  4. Protective Splinting

The challenge of training any athlete is finding the balance between maximum muscle strengthening (hypertrophy) and bodily abuse.

Most injuries due to muscular strain are cumulative. It is not the last thing your horse did that caused the problem, but was most likely building for weeks.