Liz Squirrell

One of the best things I ever did was to get in touch with Martyn and Cath when we had a problem with our pony. He had been bought for our grandaughter and at the time of purchase seemed everyth ing we could have wished for. Then he started to buck.

We had his back seen to on several occasions, two new saddles were fitted, we had his teeth done, and he was schooled every week by an professional young lady. But nothing improved the situation. Eventually we had to admit defeat but we were anxious to see if someone else could get to the bottom of his problems.
I was recommended to take him to Martyn and Cath. Within a few weeks they had summed up the situation – namely a badly fitting saddle creating an increasingly tense and nervous pony.

They very quickly got him sorted out and turned him into a very happy relaxed pony willing to do his best for them. They have since sold him for us on to a lovely home where he is doing well with his new owner. We will happily recommend Martyn and Cath to anyone with a horsey problem.