Advice and training on rebalancing and re-schooling horses and riders is available to all. However before we are able to treat an animal with massage or manipulation the consent of your vet is required in order to comply with the Veterinary Act 1966.

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Equine Remedial Exercise

This is a fundamental component of Equine Treatment and Rehabilitation.

In human physiotherapy it is the responsibility of the individual to carry out appropriate strengthening, stretching, proprioception and coordination exercises in order to optimise their recovery and attain the best possible outcome (just consider Mo Farah or Jessica Ennis!!) With horses this can be achieved with a variety of in hand work and ridden work also using kinetic taping and body wrapping to increase sensory input. You can download my Horse Health Article here, which appeared in a recent issue.

It is necessary to educate owners/riders and handlers in how to continue and develop this work to maintain and improve the horses’ performance and condition.  Martyn and Cath have developed a unique approach to this stage of rehabilitation and have achieved some dramatic results.

Several horses that have been “written off” have returned to full active competitive lives after going through this programme.