Elaine Mariani

I bought my horse Walibi (Liebi) a little over a year ago. As a result of a few bucking episodes, one of which ended with me breaking my wrist on landing, I asked my vet to do a thorough examination on Liebi and in August 2010 he was diagnosed with Proximal Suspensory Desmitis in both hind suspensories and was operated on – neurectomy and fasciotomy – and had an injection in his spine to relieve possible pain caused by a damaged facet joint.

Post op I was reluctant to be the first person to ride Liebi – my confidence had taken a knock and I was concerned that if there was any residue of pain he may resort to putting me on the floor again.
I was really keen to find just the right person to bring Liebi back into work. I knew what I wanted for him but had no idea if I would be able to find it. A friend suggested Martyn and Cath and when I looked at their website I was really impressed – they had everything I was looking for and more. I hadn’t dared to hope I would find experienced and sympathetic riders as well as physiotherapy for my boy.

I popped over to meet them to see if they could possibly be as good as their website suggested and was pleased to find that not only were they professional and capable but they were also friendly and approachable.
Liebi stayed with Martyn and Cath for 3 weeks. During his stay Liebi received treatment for the swelling around his operation scars and swelling in his lower leg and hock area as well as being carefully brought back into work.. I popped over almost every day to watch their progress with riding him and was really impressed with all aspects of the care and training he was receiving.
An added bonus was the friendly and welcoming staff who took care of Liebi, seeing to his every need.
All too soon it was time to start thinking about bringing Liebi home – which meant it was time for me to start riding him again. Martyn was incredibly sympathetic and coaxed and cajoled and nursed me along as I searched for my riding nerve to return.

I am so pleased I was pointed in their direction. They did a marvelous job on both Liebi and I and I feel so much better knowing we have our own little team behind us now should we need more help.
Martyn and Cath have been an invaluable part of Liebi’s recovery and my return to riding him and I can’t recommend them too highly. If you are considering employing their services don’t hesitate.
Thanks so much to you both.

Elaine Mariani and Walibi. November 2010