Debi Heath French & Oskar

After the most serious fall I have ever experienced in 30 years of riding, I approached Cath Fowdrey for some assistance in bringing both my horse and I back to a better working relationship.

Getting both my horses confidence and mine back to a level that made us safe to compete at shows and the ability to train at home in a safe and progressive manor, a specific training program was laid out for both Oskar and I to follow together. Although frustration may have been our biggest factor, we worked through it and now were are succeeding.Debi Heath French & Oskar - June 2008 It may sound corny, but if it wasn’t for both Cath & Martyn I don’t think we would have got through it.

Each and every step of the way Cath & Martyn concentrated on our flat work as well as doing small courses at home (Woodside Farm) and also taking the time to get my horse and I to the Royal Tournament where we could compete with both Cath & Martyn at our side. I have never experienced a dediacted and prffesional service from people who not only knew what they were doing, but who also cared about me and my horse.

I would recommend them 100% and no matter where you are in the country if they can help they’ll get to you and make sure that you can succeed at what ever level you feel happy with and push you if you want to achieve more. Despite leaving the yard and returning home, both Cath and Martyn still follow my horse and I, and show a real interest in our continuous progress.

I thank you both for your continuous help and support and wish you every success with assisting others in simular situations, you are a winning combination!