Advice and training on rebalancing and re-schooling horses and riders is available to all. However before we are able to treat an animal with massage or manipulation the consent of your vet is required in order to comply with the Veterinary Act 1966.

Equestrian Physiotherapy

Box Rest

It is our strong belief that horses thrive upon routine and stimulation and this is never more important than when on box rest or restricted exercise. 

Box rest horses at Woodside Farm benefit from spacious airy stables with rubber matting in a purpose built rehabilitation barn with dedicated treatment bays.

All box rest horses are offered a daily Activo-Med massage and pulsed electromagnetic rug treatment to aid circulation and muscle tone and improve psychological wellbeing.  They are of course pampered with an in depth daily grooming session.

This is all in addition to any appropriate or recommended treatment for the specific condition (please see Modalities).